How it Works

Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention LLC utilizes cutting-edge technology which allows us to encrypt tremendous amounts of data onto the most popular tags on the market today — 2D barcodes, RFID tags, etc. This technology is so advanced that we can tag every single item with its own unique ID. The individuality of the unique IDs, coupled with the great amount of data we can encrypt, provides a true breakthrough in multiple aspects of your business.

Since each item has its own uncrackable digital “signature,” we enable law enforcement, customs officials and consumers to verify product authenticity by scanning it with a camera phone. When a counterfeit product is identified, the system immediately alerts the brand owner’s legal department, anti-counterfeit personnel, or other selected delegates. And by involving consumers in the fight against counterfeiting, we arm brand owners with what we call, “A Million Eyes Inspector.”

Beyond anti-counterfeiting, these unique ID’s inherently provide outstanding tracking capability, per item and per pallet — it’s far beyond anything on the market today. Further, that same scan from the camera phone could unlock item-specific targeted marketing (coupons, instant win, sweepstakes, etc.). And since the encryption can hold so much information, the entire database is held within each barcode or RFID tag, eliminating the time and hardware needed for a database. 6DCP provides a one-stop solution for brand owners’ operations, marketing, and security. We save brands time. We save them money. And we simplify multiple facets of your business.

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