6 DCP connects brands to consumers like never before.  Our unique ID’s and superior data storage capability are the keys to it all — marketing, tracking, anti-counterfeiting.

With the amount of information that can be encrypted, brands can use cutting-edge marketing methods to connect with consumers. From their mobile devices, consumers can scan the 2D barcodes to link to social networks, go to the company website, see videos, and more. On the client side, once a consumer scans a barcode, clients know where and when a consumer has authenticated a product, making it possible to redefine marketing strategy based on the information they receive as well as receive real time analytics. And since all of the data is embedded into the barcode (manufactured date, model #, serial #, production line, expiration date, destination code, etc.), no remote database is required, creating potential savings for brands in hardware, security and investigative costs.

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