Brand Protection & Counterfeit Detection

6DCP offers the most powerful and secure brand protection and anti-counterfeiting technology in the world. The stronger-than-military-grade encryption is more secure than the anti-counterfeit technology currently used on passports, precious gems, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more. It is the strongest offense money can buy and cannot be cracked. With the global counterfeiting trade estimated to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015, this technology could save brand owners millions, even billions, of dollars in the prevention of revenues lost to counterfeiting and grey market goods.

The technology we provide is different — a new weapon against counterfeiting. Here’s how… First, it’s the world’s only symmetric, polymorphic, non-mathematical encryption — it cannot be cracked. Second, we arm brand owners with a tool enabling you to tag each item produced with a unique identifier — an encrypted 2D barcode. Third, as a result of these two powerful attributes, we developed what is referred to as Micro Database Less Encapsulation (MDLE), which eliminates the need for a product database, so there’s nothing to hack. Fourth, we’ve incorporated consumers into the verification process — products can be authenticated with a simple scan of a camera phone. This gives brand owners direct connection to consumers and unleashes the power of “A Million Eyes Inspector,” yet another potent layer of security. This also means the technology provides entire supply chain validation — brand owners can enlist supply chain partners to assist with brand protection. In essence, the cutting-edge technology offered by 6DCP provides a dynamic unequalled security system for brand owners everywhere.

And it goes even further… When an item is scanned, it is immediately identified as authentic, counterfeit, or diverted. Further, whether scanned by a supply chain partner or a consumer, your system is instantly updated with real-time analytics (GPS location, time of scan, and other valuable data). Once a counterfeit, diverted, lost or stolen item is identified, the system alerts the brand owner who can then properly activate their investigators, inform law enforcement, and even reward consumers for assisting in the fight against counterfeiting. Further, we do all of this without the need for any special equipment and with little to no modification to the IT infrastructure, thus creating a low barrier to entry for virtually any industry.

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