Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention LLC (6DCP) distributes and markets the most secure anti-counterfeiting technology in the world. This cutting-edge technology provides multiple additional solutions and consolidates them into a single 2D barcode — marketing, diversion detection, brand protection, track-and-trace, and document protection. By utilizing a unique non-mathematical encryption, data is encrypted into the barcode itself, which eliminates the need for a product database and provides a low barrier to entry for virtually any industry.

6DCP’s mission is to help brand owners realize significant returns on their investments by offering technology that can increase revenue, reduce overhead, improve information management, and streamline operations. The company is dedicated to providing an innovative and sophisticated, yet simple, solution to protect the value of goods and the reputation and royalties of intellectual property holders worldwide. 6DCP is located in Agoura Hills, California. For additional information, please contact info@6dcp.com, or visit www.6DCP.com.

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