Welcome to Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention LLC

Revolutionizing the fight against counterfeiting… and so much more.

Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention LLC (6DCP) is the premiere provider of the world’s leading brand protection, tracking, and marketing solution technology. This advanced technology features a symmetrical, non-mathematical, polymorphic encryption, making it stronger and safer than any other anti-counterfeiting technology in the world.

But we don’t stop there… Beyond brand security, the technology we offer provides superior track-and-trace capabilities, while simultaneously opening the door to marketing innovation.  The best part?  All of the data we encrypt can be encapsulated into the existing tags many manufacturers are already using.  No longer do you need 3-4 different solutions to track and trace, market, and protect your products.  The encryption puts that single tag to work doing everything.  We save manufacturers time, save you money, eliminate the need for a database, and open the door to marketing creativity never before possible.

Counterfeit Detection

Instant product verification process with unique product ID.

Diversion Detection

Detect and identify the location of diverted products.

Marketing Acceleration

Connectivity with the consumer beyond point of purchase.

Track and Trace

Unique ID provides manufactures instant track and trace capabilities.

Document Protection

Protects the content of the entire document from modification.

Real Time Metrics

Real-time data integration, analysis and reporting.

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